The new powdered actually leaves was in fact found 59% energetic facing fall armyworms and you may 75% against the melonworm

The new powdered actually leaves was in fact found 59% energetic facing fall armyworms and you may 75% against the melonworm

It’s, not, highly at the mercy of termites

New dried and you will powder kids fruits, this new bark, timber, sources and plants have shown worst insecticidal pastime; the latest seed products hulls seemed inert. Certain ingredients in the fruit, bark, actually leaves or origins was poisonous so you can webbing clothing moths, black colored carpeting beetle larvae in order to milkweed pests.

Within the seafood-poisoning tests, Pagan and you will Morris said mamey seed products extracts becoming 1/30 just like the dangerous once the rotenone; 1/sixty to one/80 as effective as powdery dehydrated derris root. Eating trails demonstrated the new vegetables are most poisonous to girls as they are considered a hazard in order to hogs about Virgin Islands.

The fresh rough resinous pull regarding powder mamey vegetables, considering orally, has produced warning signs of toxicity when you look at the animals and you can good amount out-of 200 milligrams for each kilometer lbs keeps triggered demise during the guinea pigs inside 8 days. The brand new crystalline insecticidal principle on dehydrated and you can soil vegetables, strong even after months of sites, could have been named mammein and you may tasked new formula C twenty-two H twenty eight O 5 . The stability on the principle are presented of the M.P. Morris just who discover zero significant difference during the poisoning of powder fresh mamey good fresh fruit and you can mamey dust stored to possess 6 age from inside the material guitar. Neither was the effectiveness of mamey extract shed from the subjection to 392? F (200? C).

Wood: Inside the Central The united states, the brand new tree is secure once the fruit was appreciated. Someplace else, whether your mamey is normal, it may be felled for the timber. The brand new heartwood are red- or yellow-brown; the sapwood much lighter inside the color. New wood are heavy, difficult, not tough to functions, fine-grained and you may solid; enjoys an attractive cereals and polishes really. It’s helpful in cabinetwork, appreciated to own pillars, rafters, pretty top features of fine house, indoor sheathing, turnery as well as for fenceposts since it is fairly decay-resistant. A few of the timber try consumed because electricity.

Therapeutic Spends: Within the Venezuela, the fresh powdery seeds are employed in treating parasitic surface disease. When you look at the Brazil, the floor seed products, without any embryo, which is considered convulsant, try empowered on the heated water therefore the infusion working due to the fact an anthelmintic getting people Fort Collins CO escort review just.

About French West Indies, a fragrant liqueur titled Eau de- Creole, or Creme de- Creole, is actually distilled on the herbs and you can said to act as a tonic otherwise digestive.

An infusion of one’s fresh or lifeless actually leaves (one to selection in the good pint [0.47 liter] regarding liquid) is given by cupful over a period of several days in cases of periodic temperature and it is claimed having come energetic in which quinine keeps were unsuccessful.

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