GoProAlpha is an innovative entity that specializes in the development and application of advanced technologies to enhance various aspects of sports, athletics, and physical performance. GoProAlpha, leverage cutting-edge solutions to improve training methodologies, optimize athlete performance, and enrich the overall sports experience for both participants and spectators. The intersection of sports and technology has given rise to a wide range of innovations, spanning from live scoring from broadcasting to mobile apps, from on-ground screens to any cricketing website, where Realtime updates really playing key role in current technology era.

Alpha Drafter


In fast growing cricket format T20, Drafting is a one of the popular event of any cricketing T20 or T10 leagues. Where every available player needs to be processed with Drafting processing.

AlphaDrafter, is providing wide range of functionalities to franchises, to select their favorite player till the same to be broadcast live

  • Applicable Across Team-Based Sports
  • Customized Time Limits with Multiple Categories
  • Real-Time RTG Integration
  • Judge Approval for Every Pick

Unleash the strategic prowess of GoProAlpha’s Alpha Drafter, ensuring precision and real-time approvals in team sports selections.



Alpha Scorer is a user-friendly and highly efficient scoring solution that offers a one-window solution. This application meets the needs of broadcasters for live transmissionground screenswebsite scoring, and mobile applications. Alpha Scorer has been successfully employed in domestic and international matches, proving equally effective in Test, ODI, and T20 formats, for individual matches, series, and tournaments.

  • Comprehensive Cricket Scoring Software
  • Perfect for T20, ODI, and Test Matches
  • Seamlessly Scores Matches, Series, or Tournaments

Experience perfection in cricket scoring with GoProAlpha’s Alpha Scorer, meeting every scoring need for a seamless cricket experience.

Performance Analytics

Utilizing AlphAnalytics extract meaningful insights from vast amounts of player related data, helping coaches and cricketers make informed decisions for training and competition.

Broadcast Technology

Developing advanced broadcasting solutions, including high-tech cameras, graphics, and data integration, to provide viewers with a more engaging and insightful sports-watching experience.

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